The Parkland Hospital Transcripts

September 22, 2019 update:

Added 2 images showing a man in white shirt with short sleeves handling a cable. Identifying this man could mean to locate the audio of the Perry audio. 

Parkland-White shirt 1 and equipmentParkland-White shirt 1Perry-Wires-FWST photoPerry-Wires-FWST photo-Montage

Last update: September 9, 2019:

  1. Transcript 1327 dated November 21, 1963 (Rice Hotel in Houston, Texas)
  2. Transcript 1329 dated November 22, 1963, 8:15 PM EST at White House. With Andrew Hatcher.
  3. Transcript 1330 dated November 22, 1963, 11:21 PM EST at White House. With Andrew Hatcher.
  4. The person talking in front of a microphone is NOT LBJ’s Aide Stintson as previously stated.

Updates on September 1, 2019:

  1. A blow-up of an image showing the microphone on Bob Welch’s camera
  2. Atkins film of a portion of Kilduff’s presentation
  3. Tom Craven film of a portion of Kilduff’s presentation


1327-A. I was unable to find any reference to it in any book or other material. Both the LBJ Library and the JFK Library told me they do not have it.

1327-B from 1:31 PM CST (12:31 PM EST)

Parkland_Press_1327B Transcript  PDF icon

This is the portion where Malcom Kilduff announces JFK’s death. You can follow the transcript along with Bob Welch’s film below. You will notice a few words or sentences here and there are missing. For instance, on page 2 Kilduff was asked if JFK was dead on arrival. Kilduff responded “No, he was not”. This last sentence is not in the transcript.

NOTE: From Gary Mack about Bob Welch, WBAP cameraman who both filmed and audio recorded that part of the conference.

“Bob WELCH filmed this conference with sound, but ran out of film right after he said, “… A bullet right through the head” The Dallas camera that day was held by the station’s Bob Welch, who filmed the only sound record of Malcolm Kilduff’s announcement of JFK’s death at 1:30. Bob then left the hospital and headed to downtown Dallas where there was more important news to cover.”

Parkland Press Conference 2

Parkland Press Conference 2-Microphone

Parkland Press Conference 4

Parkland Press Conference 5

Parkland Press Conference 6

Parkland Press Conference 7


Tom Atkins film of a portion of Kilduff’s presentation. Atkins was White House’s official cameraman. I included more films pertinent to the events in Dallas. There is a few seconds of that Kilduff’s presentation included in the first video at the top of the page entitled, “November 22, 1963. Various Clips of Malcom Kilduff”.

Tom Craven film of a portion of Kilduff’s presentation. Craven was a cameraman working for CBS.

An unknown person is talking to the reporters. In the photo below he is on the mike. The man on his right could be M.T. Dr. Jenkins.

Parkland Press Conference 18

1327-C from 3:16 PM CST (4:16 EST).

Here Wayne Hawks introduces Drs. Perry and Clark.

Parkland_Conference_1327C   PDF icon

The Warren Commission concluded that there is no audio of the Perry’s and Clark’s presentations because no microphone was present. These photos show there were at least 2 more other than Bob Welch’s camera. Who is the older man holding the huge black microphone in the first photos on this page?

Parkland Press Conference 19

Parkland Press Conference 20

NARA recently received a budget to digitize all the audios of their 272 Collection which include live broadcasts of various Dallas/Fort Worth radio stations like WRR, KXIL, KSKY, KBOX, KVIL, etc. We might then hear for the first time the audio of Perry’s and Clark’s presentations. I listened briefly to one tape when I was at NARA II, and I remember listening to a reporter who was at Parkland on that day. If I remember correctly, it was KVIL. It is still possible that this station was just carrying some other station’s live feed that might be already available. We will soon find out…

The following two transcripts are not of Parkland, but I am including them here in case researchers want to know what is in them.

1327 NO 2, 4:00 PM EST

Parkland_Press_1327_No2   PDF icon

1327 NO 3, 5:07 PM EST

Parkland_Press_1327_No3   PDF icon

Transcripts 1327 dated November 21, 1963 (Rice Hotel in Houston, Texas)

Transcript 1327-November 21   PDF icon

Transcript 1329 dated November 22, 1963, 8:15 PM EST and 1330 also dated November 22, 1963, but at 11:21 PM EST. At White House with Andrew Hatcher.

Transcripts 1329 and 1330   PDF icon

Thanks to David Von Pein and Helmer Reenberg for sharing their video collection on YouTube!


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