Roger Craig, Deputy Sheriff

Roger Craig was a Dallas deputy sheriff on November 22, 1963 who heard the shots that killed the president. His policeman instincts immediately went in high gears. He tried the best he could to identify the source of the shots to possibly make an arrest.

In the years following the fateful event, he started making extraordinary claims that allegedly put his life in danger. We’ll examine them. 


NOVEMBER 22, 1963

It is not a comprehensive list, but it is sufficient for the needs of this blog.

12:30 PM: In front of the Sheriff Office on Main Street

Several sheriff deputies were watching the motorcade in front of the Court Building on Main Street just off the corner of Main and Houston. I have not found images showing of them.

Note: For bigger photos, click on the photo and a bigger one will appear, most of the time, in a new window.

Bronson 1-Full

Credit: Charles Bronson


Credit: Richard Bothun

12:32 PM: After the shooting. On the south side of Elm Street. 

Willis 7,1-Craig

Credit: Phil Willis

12:32 PM: Runs across witness Amos Euins.

Euins, Craig and Walthers in Bell

Credit: Mark Bell film

12:34 PM: In the parking lot with his colleague Eddy Walthers. 

Martin/DCA film

Craig and Walthers in Darnell 2

The images above are from the color Martin film and the black and white Darnell film. Click on the link below.   youtube_icon-69x69

At around 12:40 PM: Back from the parking lot. North side of Elm Street with his colleague Clint Lewis.

William Allen/Dallas Times Herald

12:41 PM: Very likely Craig. Discusses with witnesses.

Credit: Allen William/Dallas Times Herald. Allen 1-5.

During that exact time, investigators are looking for a bullet in the grass on Elm Street.

1-16 Murray

Murray 1-16

12:55 PM: Discusses with investigators.

Alyea film VS L'Hoste

Left: Alyea/WFAA. Right: L’Hoste/WFAA

Craig in Skaggs 16

Skaggs photo

Craig-3 STCA 100


At around 1 PM: On the 6th floor. Looking for evidence.

Alyea/WFAA film

At around 1:25 PM, after Oswald’s Carcano rifle was found. Craig and Capt. Fritz. Did Craig mention the fleeing man to Capt. Fritz at that time?

Craig, rifle 7

Alyea/WFAA film

Weitzman on he left, Alyea film


This seems to be the last time we see Craig in photos and films on that weekend. Other images allegedly show him, but they’re images of individuals who only  look like him. This will be discussed later.


Craig has dramatically added juicy details over the years. However, he was very credible in the first days following the assassination. He was interviewed at least twice by the FBI. Here are those reports:

November 23, 1963:    

November 25, 1963: 

Many claims can be found in Craig’s manuscript called When They Kill a President which is abbreviated WTKAP in this blog. Click on the link below to read it.

When They Kill a President

CLAIM #1: He heard 3 shots

Source: Craig’s Warren Commission testimony CLICK HERE

Craig is considered as an extremely reliable witness by the conspiracy crowd. He agrees on this with the Warren Commission.

CLAIM #2: Saw a man flee Dealey Plaza in a Rambler station wagon about 10 minutes after the assassination

Craig stated that he called Captain Fritz to inform him about the man. In consequence, Fritz asked him to come to his office to have a look at the suspect, Oswald, in custody. Later this afternoon, Craig went to the Homicide Bureau and confirmed that Oswald was the man he had seen. Three citizens had similar stories: Marvin Robinson, Roy Cooper and Richard Carr.

Allen 1-4 allegedly shows Craig looking towards a station wagon coming his way. The photo taken at 12:40 PM is consistent with the time stated by Craig. 

Station Wagon in Allen

Allen 1-4

Murray 1-19 allegedly shows Craig (which I doubt) at 12:40 PM looking at the station wagon seen in the previous photo. 

Murray-Craig-Station Wagon

Both photos side by side.

Murray-Craig-Station Wagon 2

My conclusion is that Craig did see a man looking like Oswald getting into a car. Unfortunately, a cab driver testified that he took Oswald as passenger a few minutes after the assassination, Also, a bus driver testified that he had Oswald as a passenger also a few minutes after the assassination. Finally, a bus transfer of that particular bus driver was found on Oswald.

Robert Groden states that “Craig saw this Oswald double get into the green station wagon”. Allen 1-4 taken at 12:40 PM.

Man seen by Craig, maybe 2

Three citizens had similar stories: Marvin Robinson, Roy Cooper and Richard Carr. 

Craig’s story was reported on NBC later that afternoon and Chief Jesse Curry was also asked about it.

Curry on a car fleeing Dealey Plaza    youtube_icon-69x69


Richard Sprague worked on that particular claim using his photo knowledge. Click on images to get bigger ones in PDF.



I created a collage of better copies of the Murray photos above.

Murray 20 and 21

Click on the images below to make it bigger in a new window. A new window will open.

In this article Craig told the reporter that he saw Oswald flee in a white car. Craig claimed 8 years later that the Warren Commission changed the color of the car. He claimed that he said it was a green car. 

Fort Worth Press, November 23, 1963. Continues below.

Fort Worth Press, November 23, 1963 (Continuation of the page above)

Several years later, Craig is quoted as stating that after he saw Oswald fleeing Dealey Plaza, he saw Secret Service agents arrest a man in front of the Depository who looked like the man, or his twin, who he had seen driving the getaway car. Furthermore, Garrison would have shown him a photo of this individual.  

In order to create doubt on cab driver Whaley, Craig stated that he personally observed Whaley given a blank statement that was filled out by the Dallas Police Department.

Source: Transcript of a 1968 radio interview

CLAIM #3: Saw Oswald in Captain Fritz’ office

During his Warren Commission testimony in 1964, Craig informed Commission’s attorney David Belin that he had.  

Source: Craig’s Warren Commission testimony CLICK HERE

A man named P.S. Nichols relates in this letter that Craig wrote to him that he is the man seen in the Beers photo below. Unfortunately, this is not Craig. An examination by Gary Mack of the original Beers negatives proves that this photo was taken on Saturday, November 23, 1963. Craig wrote in his manuscript that he stayed home on that Saturday. 

7 Bob Jackson-Craig at DPD-Coverup book 2

This is what Nichols wrote. Click on the image below to make it bigger in a new window.

Other photos seem to show the same man. 

Bob-Jackson-Photo at DPD, Nov 23

The photo in the middle is of Craig in Dealey Plaza. Compare with the man on the right. Definitely a different individual. 

Some people mistake this man for Roger Craig. Has some resemblance to him, but the profile views of him proves it’s not him. Also, these images were taken at 2 PM. Craig was at the Police Headquarters only late in the afternoon.


See the film of the frames above showing Oswald a few seconds after he had been taken in the DPD building.   youtube_icon-69x69

Claim #4: Confronted Oswald in Fritz’ office, and Oswald said that the Rambler was Mrs. Paine’s station wagon.

The Paines had a car, but of a different model, a 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air. 

Image result for ruth paine car

In this Fort Worth Press, November 23, 1963, Craig is quoted as saying the car was white. FBI reports of interviews also quotes Craig saying it was a white car.

Claim #5: A Mauser was found in the Depository

In this Los Angeles Free Press, January 31, 1968 edition, Craig admits he does not know foreign rifles. If he knew it was a Mauser, then why did not he mention it to Jim Garrison or Mark Lane who interviewed him multiple times?

Craig said he was behind Deputy Sheriff Eugene Boone when Boone found the rifle. That begs the question: If Boone found a Mauser, then who found the Carcano that was filmed by WFAA cameraman Thomas Alyea? And why ALL the photos and films taken inside and outside the Depository show only a Carcano? Craig said the police took photos of the Mauser. Then where are those photos?

Link to the complete article:

Los Angeles Free Press. May 1, 1968.   PDF icon

The only rifle found on the 6th floor was this Carcano. No photo of a Mauser was ever seen because none exists.

Craig, Roger 3-2


Craig’s testimony at Clay Shaw’s trial, but no mention of a Mauser neither by him or the Garrison team. CLICK HERE!

Claim #6 : Saw a .45 slug in the grass on the south side of Elm Street and his colleague Eddie Walthers confirmed to him that he found the bullet

I am unable to find a corroboration of this claim.

Does not seem to have brought this up in any interviews. The photo below depicts the area where Craig claimed he saw a .45 slug. The two men standing, Deputy Sheriff Eddie Walthers and police officer J.W. Foster denied in public that they ever saw a bullet.

Walthers 6, Allen

Walthers pointing to himself,newspaper article

Buddy Walthers pointing to himself. 1967.

Walthers 1967 1


Walthers 1967 2


Claim #7 : Saw 3 hulls perfectly lined up on the 6th floor, indicating that someone had put them down very carefully

No other person remembers this. 

Claim #8: When he looked at his watch after hearing about the shooting of Tippit, he saw it was 1:06 PM

This claim is very easy to rebut. In this 1969 interview, he states that Tippit was killed at 1:40 PM. Penn Jones corrects him saying it was 1:15 PM. Craig replied, “Was it?”. Three years, Craig’s improves. He now claimed his watch showed 1:06 PM.

Los Angeles Free Press. May 1, 1968.   PDF icon

Claim #9 : He talked to a man named Eugene Bradley in front of the Depository. Bradley became a suspect in Jim Garrison’s inquiry.

Bradley denied the accusation. He claimed he was in El Paso, Texas, on the day of the assassination. He admitted he was in Dallas, but years after the assassination. 

Bradley, Eugene 1967 1


Bradley, Eugene 1968


Bradley, Eugene 1967 Tramp

Claim #10: The Tall Tramp confronted him after a radio appearance in Los Angeles

No corroboration for this claim. See photo above.

Claim #11: There were attempts on his life


My video on Craig in the press. Some of the articles below are included in it. Among things, the video includes a mention of Craig on NBC a few hours after the assassination, and possibly an appearance of Craig behind Captain Fritz in a TV clip.


Craig in the Media on the Weekend of the Assassination  youtube_icon-69x69


His son fear kidnapped

The conspiracy crowd back then must have been thinking that conspirators had kidnapped his son to silence him. It turned out that he had just run away…

Craig son missing

October 16, 1968

Second article on the son’s disappearance. Fort Worth Star Telegram. Oct 16, 1968. 

Craig Son Kidnapped-FWST-Oct 16, 1968   PDF icon

Son found! 

Fort Worth Star-Telegram. October 17, 1968

Craig son found-FWST-Oct 17, 1968

Craig was deeply involved in the Garrison Inquiry into the JFK assassination. Clay Shaw’s lawyers claimed that Craig had told Dymond that he had been ¨coerced by Garrison to testify at the conspiracy trial¨

Death of Roger Craig

Fort Worth Star-Telegram. May 16, 1975.

Roger Death-DMN-May 16, 1975

A YouTuber who claims to be Molly Craig -Craig did have a daughter named Molly, answered to rumors on Craig’s death:


The Continuing Inquiry

Transcript of a 1968 radio interview

Audio of a 1974 or 1975 videotaped interview I made available on Internet about 15 years ago. The interviewer is Ted Gandolfo most likely for his New York TV show called Assassination USA. It is erroneously believed it was made for a Mark Lane video.

Roger Craig interview (3 Parts)   youtube_icon-69x69


Craig started a business in the investigation field.

 Craig PI Nov 14, 1971

Facebook page on Roger Craig. It is the only Roger Craig Facebook page that is not censored and where people who know about the JFK assassination case are not banned.  



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