Cameramen and Photographers Along the Motorcade Route

The goal of this project is to locate as many cameramen and photographers (amateurs and professionals) along the motorcade, from before President Kennedy’s plane landed at Love Field Airport to Parkland Hospital where President Kennedy was brought it. 

Other cameramen and photographers will be added with time.  

This is a map I’ve made to easily locate the photographers and cameramen. For a bigger version, click on the image.


Jackie Tindel

  • On the south-west corner of N. Harwood and Main. He happened to catch WBAP cameraman Dan Owens in his film.

A presentation of complete film by the 6th Floor Museum can be seen watched here:   youtube_icon-69x69

Cecil Stoughton  

This photo shot by White House photographer taken on Main, west of Griffith and close to Lamar might show up to 2 unknown photographers or cameramen.

600 Stoughton-Main, East of Lamar

John Haller

  • Film in 6FM YT video entitled, “Moments and Memories” from 22:50)  
  • Filmed from Lemmon Ave. just before the turn on our right on Turtle Creek

200 Lemmon-John Haller

A presentation of complete film by the 6th Floor Museum can be seen watched from 22:15:      youtube_icon-69x69

A.J. L’Hoste 

  • WFAA

    Z-L'Hoste autograph

    L’Hoste in dark suite on the right

  • Filmed from the north side of Main Street, on the corner of Lamar before the motorcade, and filmed from the opposite side -south side, during the motorcade. These are frames of his film.

600 Hoste filmed motorcade South side 1

600 Hoste filmed motorcade South side 2

  • L’Hoste told me that he was in front of the Texas School Book Depository with his camera and audio recorder. For some reasons, he changed his mind, and moved to Main and Lamar instead. Imagine he had filmed and recorded the sounds of the shots. 

Don Cook

  • KTVT
  • His film is known as the Cooper film. Cooper being the name of his supervisor

This frame was taken from the north side of Main, just before the Limousine turned onto Houston. A photographer or cameraman is seen in black on the left.

600 Cooper film, maybe-Photographer on left 2

600 Cooper film, maybe-Photographer on left 1

James Underwood

  • KRLD (CBS) 
  • Took films throughout the motorcade

430 Cedar Springs

In the center in this DCA film frame

Took some film in Dealey Plaza after the shots

Underwood film 3

Malcom Couch

  • WFAA (ABC) 
  • Took films throughout the motorcade

430 Cedar Springs

On the right in the DCA film

A frame he took in front of the Texas School Book Depository

700 TSBD-By Couch

George Jefferies

  • Filmed from the south side of Main Street, at the corner of Main and Lamar 
  • A presentation of complete film by the 6th Floor Museum can be seen watched from 26:55:      youtube_icon-69x69

Bob Jackson

  • Dallas Times Herald photographer
  • Got off the car after shots, walked around, but did not take one photo

Dillard 2-Atkins running-TDID-Jackson in it 2

Dillard photo

Dan Owens

  • WBAP (NBC)

600 Owens in Tindel film

Owens in blue on the right. Credit: Tindel film

One frame of the Owens film taken from position above. On Main at N. Harwood

600 Main, just after turnng from Harwood-Film


Darryl Heikes

  • Dallas Times Herald photographer 
  • Positioned on Main on the corner of N. Harwood
  • Very close to Dan Owens on Main Street
600 Heikes, where is he-Tindel film

Left: Heikes at the police station. Center: Tindel film. Right: A photo he took.

Tom Dillard

  • Dallas Morning News

430 Cedar Springs

On the left in the DCA film

Chris Darrouzet

  • Filmed the “Please stop and shake our hands” banner 
  • Quantity of film he took is unknown
  • Close to Lomo Alto Ave, just north of Clarence Hays (See Hays film frames below)

The Darrouzets were featured in the November 21, 1963 edition of Life Magazine. Copy provided by Randy Owen.

200 Lemmons Loro

Bigger version (CLICK ON THE PIC)

Unknown origin of those film frames. Filmed on Lemmon. West Mockingbird can be seen from a distance. The only place where I could find them was on Robert Groden’s Case for Conspîracy DVD.



This part covers exclusively the cameramen and photographers of the DCA film. DCA stands for Dallas Cinema Associates. Most of the information presented here can be found in a 1964 FBI report consisting of interviews with various DCA members and the cameramen who took the films. 

FBI Report    Report sample


From the interview of DCA cameraman John Martin Jr., we learn that it was the idea of Wyman Parr to put together all possible films taken through the motorcade to make it one film. The Dallas Cinema Associates was incorporated on March 18, 1964. All the films were sent for processing to Technicolor located on 123 South Hollywood Way in Burback, California. (FBI report, page 14) 

The FBI learned of the existence of the DCA film on April 10, 1964, from Eddie Barker of KRLD (FBI report, page 8) 

The first image of the DCA film produced under the name of “The President’s Last Hour” shows The Southland Life Building which is located on 1416 Commerce Street, a few blocks east of Griffith. I do now know who took this photo.

1 Intro 1

1 Intro 2



Larry Eugene Thomas

  • He filmed off the right nose of Air Force One carrying the president.   
  • He took 15 feet of film of the right side of JFK as he departed the plane and entered the Limousine.  
  • Worked at Love Field as an employee of Central Airlines.  

Source: FBI report, page 17

James Douglas Brown

  • His dad Joe Cern Brown who worked at Love Field thought it would be a great idea to bring him so he takes films of the president.  
  • James proceeded to Gate 28 where JFK was scheduled to arrive.  
  • He filmed Air Force One land, and then climbed upon the roof of the south concourse section of the terminal building and shot some film of JFK and Jackie deplaned. 
  • He then ran down to the fenced enclosure where he obtained more film of JFK and his entourage. 
  • He took between 10 to 15 feet of film.  

Source: FBI report, pages 44

David Percy Holloway

  • Filmed the crowd before the planes arrived 
  • Shot a sequence of the planes’ arrival  
  • Took 5 feet of film of JFK and Jackie deplaned 
  • Also, shot some sequences of JFK shaking hands with people in the crowd who were there to greet him.      
  • Went to Trade Mart afterwards. See Trade Mart Section. 

Source: FBI report, page 23  


Albert Lewis Bunnell

  • Filmed from 6211 Lemmon Ave from the roof of the company’s building which is on the west side. This puts him on JFK’s side
  • Filmed an aircraft that was passing over the building in the direction of Love Field.  
  • He thinks he may have filmed Air Force One 
  • He added that his colleague Gray took a film from the median lane of Lemmon  

Source: FBI report, page 37

C.W. Gray

  • Took his film from in front of Campbell-Taggart Associated Bakeries at 6211 Lemmon (store on west side).   
  • Unknown how much film he took 

Source: FBI report, page 35

Mrs. Ivy Randle (Hazel) Gooch

  • She worked at the A&P Grocery Store at 5011 Lemmon (store on the west side).  
  • She filmed from a sidewalk in front of the store on the east side of Lemmons between 12:10PM and 12:15PM. This puts her on Jackie’s side.
  • Said she took several feet of film 

Source: FBI report, page 9

Clarence Eugene Hays

  • Filmed on Lemmon at the corner of Lemmon and Lomo Alto 
  • Wife said he filmed from the south-east side (FBI report, page 14), but he said west side (FBI report, page 16)
  • He took 5 or 10 feet of film (FBI report)
  • Worked at Skiller Drug Store at 4900 Ross (FBI report, page 16)
  • Location is close to 4600 Lemmon 
  • Positioned Just south of Darrouzet, close to Lomo Alto


Charles Mentesana

  • Took up a position on Turtle Creek at the intersection of Turtle Creek and Cedar Springs, 100 feet north of the intersection  
  • He was with his friend Arden Wilson  
  • Took 10 feet of film. 

Source: FBI report, pager 33

  • After the shooting, he went to Dealey Plaza. See Houston and Elm Section
  • Unknown which side, east or west, of the street he was positioned 
  • I am unable to figure out his film. 

Researcher Dick Sprague said that this is Mentesana in an DTH/Allen photo. Source: Todd Vaughan.

Mentesana-maybe-2-3 Allen

Mentesana-maybe-2-3 Allen-CROP


George R. Kincaid

  • Filmed from the north-west corner of Routh St and Cedar Springs, on the opposite side of his business, Kincaid Photo Services, located at 3013 Routh St.  This puts him on JFK’s side.
  • Took a minute of film  

Source: FBI report, page 11  

  • That location corresponds to 2600 Cedar Springs

Richard “Dick” Lee Allen

  • Employee of Hine Pontiac at 2100 Cedar Springs. He took up position on the east corner of Cedar Springs directly in front of the showroom. This puts him on Jackie’s side.
  • Took 25 feet of film. 

Source: FBI report, page 39

Martin Gewertz (Anna’s son)

  • She was watching the motorcade with her husband Irving and son Martin. 
  • Her 14-year-old son Martin was unable to film on Cedar Springs, but took some film of the motorcade as it disappeared on N. Harwood (Close to 2200 N. Harwood). I am unable to identify the film. 
  • More precisely, she was in front of 2025 Cedar Springs which is north side. This puts him on JFK’s side. 
  • At around 2PM, they drove to Parkland Hospital where the son filmed the hearse carrying JFK passing by. See Parkland Section.
  • Organizer of the DCA film project 

Source: FBI report, page 50

  • Also went to Trade Mart as well. See Trade Mart Section. 


Dr. Howard Young Sigler 

  • Took film from the north-west corner of N. Harwood about 50 feet north of McKinney St.  This puts him on JFK’s side.
  • Was at 400 feet north of Cedar Springs 
  • He took 10 feet of film  

Source: FBI report, page 45 

  • Close to 2200 N. Harwood

Rudolph “Rudy” Viktor Brenk

  • Was on the north-west corner of N. Harwood and Ross. Close to 1700 N. Harwood.  This puts him on JFK’s side.
  • He took 5 feet of film.  
  • He was with his friend Mack Harris.  
  • Brenk did the editing of the films 
  • He approximated the duration of the DCA film to 12 minutes at a rate of 16 frames a second  

Source: FBI report, page 47  

Nick Viafadis  

  • He took his film on N. Harwood at the N. Harwood and Ross corner, facing north. This puts him on JFK’s side.  

Source: FBI report, page 19  

  • This corresponds approximately to 900 N. Harwood. 
  • The MG sign that is seen is the film is located on the east side of 808 N. Harwood at Overseas Motors (Source: Steve Roe) 
  • The owner of the film is Earl Mester who was a DCA member


George Shawver

  • Took a position with his wife on the south-east corner of Lamar and Main 
  • Took 8 feet of film  

Source: FBI report, page 12  

  • Location is close to 900 Main Street. 
  • Jules Spiegel shares the same location 
  • He captured Spiegel in his film.

Jules Ernest Spiegel

  • Took his film while standing on a metal coined-operated newspaper dispenser on the south-east corner of Lamar and Main. 
  • He took 2 or 3 feet of the motorcade, and then filmed the crowd to finish the roll

Source: FBI report, page 31 

  • George Shawver shares location with him. 
  • Location is close to 900 Main Street

Spiegel in the the Shawver film:

635 Main

637 Main

Richard “Rick” Becker Stewart

  • Said he filmed from the corner of Austin and Main.  
  • Bryant Boren is the owner of the film  
  • Took 1 or 2 feet of JFK and continued filming the general area.

Source: FBI report, page 30  

  • His actual location is between Record and Market Street which corresponds to 700 Main according to what is seen in his film: There is the sign of Sigel Liquor on the right side which was located at 615 Main Street (Source: Steve Roe)

Charles Alan Rhodes (35mm slides)

  • He said he took three 35-mm slides from the corner of Austin and Main of JFK and Connally
  • Claimed that his 35mm slides were added to the movies. My DCA copy does not include any. 
  • Worked at Sanger on the corner of Lamar and Main  

Source: FBI report, page 28

  • Jack Ruby was one of his customers at the photo department at Sanger-Harris (Source: Picture of The Pain, page 577)


John T. Martin Jr.

  • Filmed from the north-west corner of Main and Houston 
  • Took 25 feet of film 

Source: FBI report, page 4 

Charles Mentesana

  • Filmed around the TSBD. 
  • Also filmed from Turtle Creek. 

Source: FBI report, page 33


David Percy Holloway

  • He filmed JFK at Love Field, and immediately drove towards Trade Mart to catch JFK again. At the intersection of Industrial and Stemmons, he observed protesters who had their mouths taped. 
  • He got off his car on Stemmons hoping the Limousine would pass in the other direction on Stemmons, which it did. He filmed the motorcade passing by extremely fast. 
  • He filmed at Love Field as well. See Love Field Section. 

Source: FBI page 23

Martin Gewertz

  • There is a sequence taken at Trade Mart that could be hers (Source: Picture of the Pain, pages 565-566). However, I was unable to find any reference in the FBI reports to Gewertz taking any film at Trade Mart
  • The Gewertz family drove to Parkland afterwards. See Parkland Section.


Martin Gewertz 

  • He filmed the hearse carrying JFK passing by (Source: FBI report, page 50) 
  • He was also at Trade Mart. See Trade Mart Section.


You can following along with my copy of the 1964 President’s Final Hours. 


0:22: Crowds before the plane landed 

101 Love Field

0:36: Close-up of Mayor Cabell 

105 Love Field

0:39: Plane coming towards us. Bunnell film?)

108 Love Field

109 Love Field

TV camera

103 Love Field

JFK’s plane is landing

111 Love Field

1:20: JFK and Jackie getting off the plane. Corresponds to the Brown film.

110 Love Field

1:22: Different view of JFK and Jackie getting off the plane)

112 Love Field 

1:30: Numerous media photographers and cameramen gather around the Limousine


122 Love Field

1:41: JFK in the crowd 

113 Love Field

1:41: Connally standing up in the Limousine.C112 Love Field

1:52: The Limousine is leaving Love Field. Jackie is putting on her shades. 

114 Love Field

118 Love Field



2:07: Taken from the roof of the company building where Bunnell was working.

Possibly a photographer on the left) and a cameraman (on the right) seen across the street 

204 Lemmon-Two cameramen

  205 Lemmon-Cameraman

2:10: This sequence seems to be taken from a much higher position, further away from the street, than the Bunnell film. The limousine has already passed by 5 seconds.

207 Lemmon

2:16: Undetermined film

This could be the Mentesana film. If so, it was not put in the right order in the film. 

208 Lemmon

2:20: The Limousine

209 Lemmon


2:28: Sign of Paul Davis’ Used Cars located at 5020 Lemmon 

217 Lemmon

2:28: The sign of Doigg’s Pharmacy located at 5017 Lemmon  

218 Lemmon

2:33: The Limousine

214 Lemmon

220 Lemmon

222 Lemmon

2:49:  HAYS FILM 

2:49: Banner reads “Please stop and shake our hands”

229 Lemmon

 232 Lemmon

234 Lemmon


236 Lemmon

3:07: The Limousine 


238 Lemmon

3:12: Someone shook JFK’s hands. Probably the girl in green seen a second later. 

239 Lemmon

240 Lemmon

241 Lemmon

242 Lemmon

3:14: A cut in the film. Starts with a close-up of an old man. It is probably the beginning of the film that was taken next.

249 Lemmon onto Cedar CUT

404 Cedar Springs


I am unable to locate the Mentesana film. It could be the film starting with this frame.

208 Lemmon



3:16: Overpass Cotton Line at 2800 Cedar Springs can be seen on the north side.

  410 Cedar Springs

A KRLD cameraman took a film of the same location, but on the other side of the sreet.

400 Cedar Springs 2800-CBS VS DCA

3:28: JFK and Jackie in the Limousine

422 Cedar Springs

414 Cedar Springs

3:34: One of the oress cars

430 Cedar Springs



3:47: Biker waves at the crowd so they get off the street

The Carrier-Brock sign is seen across the street. They were an air conditioner distributor company (Source: Steve Roe)

453 Cedar Springs 2

3:54: The Limousine

456 Cedar Springs

458 Cedar Springs

460 Cedar Springs

4:02 LBJ, his wife and Texas Senator Ralph Yarborough

467 Cedar Springs

4:05: Boys on a roof. Probably the beginning of the next film that was taken.

467 CUT Cedar Springs to Harwood



A split in the film. 

504 Harwood CUT

4:07: The Limousine

516 Harwood

LBJ, his wife and Texas Senator Ralph Yarborough

526 Harwood

529 Harwood


4:18: Pre-motorcade sequence at the intersection of Harwood and Ross Ave.

551 Harwood

4:32: The Limousine 

564 Harwood

569 Harwood


578 Harwood


4:59: The Limousine 

588 Harwood

591 Harwood


597 Harwood

MAIN STREET                         


599 Harwood CUT

Cameraman Julius Spiegel. His film is featured below.

637 Main

WFAA cameraman A.J. L’Hoste was filming from the same location. This is one frame of his film.

600 Hoste filmed motorcade South side 1

648 Main

5:36: The sign on the building reads EM KHAN CO.

 637 Main

5:56: The Limousine

647 Main

656 Main


663 Main

The Lead Car

654 Main

6:09: The Limousine

664 Main

 665 Main


6:28: People on the roof of a building

690 Main 

6:36: The Limousine

695 Main

6:38: Dealey Plaza is seen

699 Main



6:44: The Limousine is turning onto Houston from Main 

6:56: Filming motorcade on Elm Street

Martin 1

7:00: Towards the grassy knoll. WFAA cameraman Mal Couch filming from inside the car.

Martin 2


7:10: The Texas School Book Depository from a distance

 Mentesana 1

7:17: North-east side of the Depository.

Mentesana 2


7:17 to 7:31: Holloway seems to have taken this film. Richard Trask, the author of the Pictures of the Pain, thinks Martin Gewertz may have taken some of this sequence, too.

Trade Mart 1

Trade Mart 2

Trade Mart 3



7:32: In the parking lot. WBAP cameraman Jim Darnell filming.

DCA-Darnell and Hill

7:42: Shots around the TSBD (Amos Euins on the back of the police 3-wheel vehicle) 

DCA-Euins, Harkness

7:51: Doorway of the Depository. Bill Lovelady can be seen. 

Martin 6

7:56: Charles Brehm and his son Joe with a policeman 

Martin 7


8:27: From the front of the Depository. A firetruck is seen. Also, one of KRLD’s car.

Mentesana 1

8:38: Close-up of the upper-floors of the east side of the Depository.

Mentesana 2 DCA project

8:04: Cops gathered around a policeman, probably Roy Vaughn, with a shotgun

Mentesana 3


9:03 to 9:13: GEWERTZ FILM  

Hearse passing by

Parkland 1

Parkland 3


9:13: Various newspapers are displayed 

Various scenes in Dealey Plaza

Dealey Plaza


10:48: After Ruby shot Oswald or shortly before.

Police Station 3 

11:48: UPI photographer Frank Johnston (with glasses on the left) and Dallas Herald Times photographer Bob Jackson (on the right) are seen exiting the building. 

Police Station 4

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