Lost, Missing, Over-Exposed, Unavailable Photos and Films and Dubious Claims

Created on August 16, 2015


September 20, 2019: Dealey Plaza photos of the Houston Chronicle (See #1)

Note from researcher Ken Rhenberg about the allegedly destroyed Craven film taken in Dealey Plaza. He casts a shadow on the theory that the film was destroyed (See #3)

Henry Gonzales claimed he took photos in the Parkland Hospital (See #21)

1. Houston Chronicle

The photographer in this Beers/Dallas Morning News photo is one of the two of the Houston Chronicle photographers who were in one of the press buses in the motorcade. His identity has been confirmed to me by his son. I contacted the Houston Chronicle for photos taken in Dealey Plaza. They told me they were not interested in helping me. His son tried to determine their whereabouts but was not successful. We have HC photos taken in Fort Worth, at Parkland, at the DPD H.O, but none in Dealey Plaza.

Z-Rozumalski in Beers photo

2. Nix film (The original film)

Lost after its transfer back from the HSCA to its owner UPI in 1979. Probably in the hands of a collector.

Nix in Hughes, 1

Orville Nix seen in the Hughes film. Discovered by Rick Needham.

Nix in Hughes, gif 2

Gif created by Rick Needham from the Hughes film. Shows Nix in movement.

3. CBS-NY cameraman Thomas Craven’s film sequence taken in Dealey Plaza 

The Dealey Plaza seems to have been ruined because of a water pressure problem at KLRD in Dallas. Other films were ruined.

Gary Mack told me the following:


Tom Craven’s film never got on the air; it was damaged during processing at CBS’s Dallas affiliate, KRLD-TV.  I interviewed the station’s film processor operator, Henk Dewitt, who said a few reels were damaged early that afternoon due to low water pressure at the building.  Craven’s film was apparently one of them.


In a follow-up email, he wrote:


Craven’s film was apparently misidentified.  Some years ago, Henk DeWitt, the man who operated KRLD’s film processor, told me he had mechanical problems that day and the first one or two reels were ruined.  There was a problem with very low water pressure and the heat of the dryer or something damaged the films.

At one point early on, Dan Rather introduced film taken by Craven, but no film appeared.  Rather said they’d try to get to it later.  I think the Craven footage was damaged and discarded before ever being seen.

Gary Mack


In an interview with Richard Trask, Craven described what he filmed:

“I know I was rolling as we made that right turn coming up the Book Depository- I thought I might have had a flash or a puff of smoke, but it never showed up, because I had a wide angle lens on, and it was so far away, you wouldn’t have seen it”. (Pictures of the Pain, page 383)

Trask inquired with the CBS Archives in New York. That sequence was not located. They added that it is impossible to be sure what film was ever received. (The Pictures of the Pain, page 384).

Craven in Stoughton 1

Filming the Newmans. Stoughton photo

Skaggs-Slide 5-Photographers identified

Filming on Houston before the shots in this Skaggs photo

Last updated on September 17, 2019 with the following information from researcher Ken Rheberg:


The claim, by anyone, that Tom Craven’s film was lost in the developing process at KRLD is incorrect and easy to disprove.

In Gary Mack’s Email 1, KRLD processor operator Henk Dewit (correct spelling) told Gary a few reels of film were damaged early that afternoon during processing at KRLD.

So, Gary concluded, Craven’s film was apparently one of them.

Then in Gary’s Email 2, Gary expanded on what Henk had said.  Early that afternoon, the first one or two reels of film were ruined while being processed.

But Craven’s film wasn’t one of the first one or two reels of film to find its way in to KRLD that day.  Craven’s two rolls of film were among the last, if not the last, of the pre-Oswald films to show up.  They were finally in the studio and being developed around 2:30 pm Dallas time.  In fact, all of the early films were taken by KRLD photographers.

It’s as simple as that.

There’s more proof than this that the Craven film was not ruined, and Gary became aware of it before he passed away.

Of course, the above begs the question: Why did Craven’s film take so long to arrive at KRLD, and how did it finally make its way there?  The answer should be obvious to anyone who really wants to get to the bottom of what happened in Dealey Plaza that Friday.

By the way, I also interviewed KRLD film chief Henk Dewit.  That was in 1999, twenty years ago, the year before he died.  Henk was the one who processed and saw up close all of those KRLD and CBS films.  It was an enlightening conversation to say the least.


4. Croft JFK head shot photo

The FBI borrowed the under-developed film, and developed it. Croft told them that he had taken a photo coinciding with the head shot to the President. Unfortunately, that photo, the 4th one, turned out completely blank! Could modern technology enable us to see anything in it? Who has the original negative? 

From the article below: “According to Trask’s book, “… frame number 18 appears to show the Presidential car on Elm Street south of Houston Street just moments before the President was shot … Croft believed the last picture taken by him was taken simultaneously with the shot which killed the President. This no doubt refers to frame number 19 which is a complete blank”


Photographers names in Zap

Croft in the Zapruder film, a few seconds before taking the head shot photo. He’s positioned to Rose Willis’ left.

5. Alyea film (Parts of it)

We often see the film he took on the 6th floor of the TSBD, but very rarely the film he took outside before entering the building. I’m not even sure if I would recognize that sequence if I saw it.

Alyea told Richard Trask the following:

He arrived in Dallas from Fort Worth at 12:30 PM traveling East on Commerce Street within the Dealey Plaza area when the driver “was preparing to make a right onto Houston Street to the WFAA station on Young Street. After  hearing an unusual alert – “All units on Stemmons and Industrial, Code 3, Parkland”, they heard the WFAA commercial radio announcer, John Allen, break in with the statement that shots had been fired at the President near Houston and Elm.

“We were still waiting for the traffic light to change; suddenly, I realized where I was… I grabbed Ray’s camera, told him to take the other film to the station, and I took off across Dealey Plaza for the Houston and Elm intersection. I filmed while running and, assuming that the shots came from the ground, I looked around and began shooting. (Pictures of the Pain, page 520).

Trask reports that Alyea had 500 feet of unprocessed film available to him.

“I raced across Commerce and Main Street dodging traffic. On the far side of Elm I saw people rushing around. I had begun filming on the way as I crossed Main”

He then went up to Elm and Houston. Alyea did notice several cops and one man looking up at the Depository Building. He filmed the entrance, and as six or seven plainclothesmen rushed in through the double entry door, Alyea followed unchallenged. According to Trask’s estimate, Alyea arrived at the TSBD some time between 12:34 and 12:36. By that time, Oswald had most probably left the building already.

History Channel bought the whole Alyea film.

A lot of film thrown out as seen in these images. Not necessarily only Alyea film. 

Alyea film 1

Alyea film 2

6. James Powell photos

He probably took more than the one below. The ARRB should have pushed a little more to know if he had taken more, if so, asked him where they are or what they showed. He took some at Love Field. He caught up with the motorcade at Elm and Houston. 

Powell, full frame, maybe

One of the TSBD employee is seen on the 5th floor.

7. Wiegman film

Original missing. For the Death in Dealey Plaza documentary, the best copy they could use came from a University.

Weigman 1

8. Couch film

Original missing

JFK Conspiracy 237-Couch

A man seems to be escorted by 2 individuals on the top of the grassy knoll. Citizen’s arrest?

9. Darnell film (WBAP)

As of 2004, some parts have never been published, and are still in private hands as per Gary Mack. The 6th Floor Museum has a very good copy showing much more and it’s possible to view it with permission.

I learned that Darnell filmed the coffin loaded at Love Field:

“That Deputy Chief of Police with the DPD says, “Let me have that. That’s sacrilegious”. So I handed him the film”. Darnell added, “To this day, it’s never been seen- except there’s one person who has told me that he’s heard that it has been seen on the West Coast or somewhere” (pages 67-68)

In this document, Richard Sprague describes what Darnell filmed.

http://jfk.hood.edu/Collection/Weisberg%20Subject%20Index%20Files/J%20Disk/Jaffe%20Stephen%20Personal%20Memos/Item%2008.pdf  PDF icon

Darnell-Craig and Walthers 1

Filming in the parking lot. Deputy Sheriffs Roger Craig and Eddie Walthers in foreground.

10. Cooper film

Cook-TSBD Brennan 1

Howard Brennan in hat

The film was actually taken by Don Cook. Cooper was not even in Dealey Plaza…

In this document, Richard Sprague describes what Cooked filmed. Strangely, he reports that Cook filmed out of a window of the Sheriff Office. It also reports that when the shots rang out, he ran out of the building, and took pictures as he went. Read last paragraph of page 2.

http://jfk.hood.edu/Collection/Weisberg%20Subject%20Index%20Files/J%20Disk/Jaffe%20Stephen%20Personal%20Memos/Item%2008.pdf   PDF icon

Yet, the Cooper film shows he was outside the Office. No running. See for yourself from 23:13 into the video.

Cook filming outside the Sheriff Office  youtube icon

11. Henry Burroughs of AP


Researcher Richard Sprague reports that Burrows told him he took 2 photos on Houston Street. I never seen any discussion about them.

Sprague 1

12. Jim MacCammon

Photos allegedly taken in front of the TSBD showing an arrest of a “negro”. The photos he took at the Texas Theater are well known, but I’ve never seen those. But he did take photos in the general area of the TSBD.

This is from Sprague’s master list:

Sprague 2

13. Ruby’s attorneys/Eva Ruby

A report to Jim Garrison discusses the possibility that one of Ruby’s attorneys may have a photograph of JFK’s head wounds at Parkland. It has been alleged that this photo could have been used to get a plea bargain in the style of “Help Ruby, and that photo will never be seen again…” Bluff? The rumor was started by Ruby’s sister, Eva Ruby.

http://jfk.hood.edu/Collection/Weisberg%20Subject%20Index%20Files/J%20Disk/Jaffe%20Stephen%20Personal%20Memos/Item%2008.pdf  PDF icon

14. Norman Similas

Toronto resident claimed that he took photos of the TSBD and that 2 men were seen in a window. I believe he is a liar.

See the Newspaper Article section of my website for articles on him and a TV interview with his son.


15. Carolyn Klein

Allegedly took 2 photos from the overpass. See last page.


16. Ms. Beck

From Pictures of the Pain, page 605:

“The Detroit News received a call on December 7 from a “Ms. Beck” who claimed she had a 16mm color film of the assassination taken from the overpass. According to Richard Sprague, Mrs. Beck claimed she was a student at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor who was visiting Dallas. Mrs. Beck never fully identified herself. The Detroit FBI was unable to locate her, and the film was never received at the paper. (SAC, Dallas, File #62-109060-6082)”


16mm film? I have the feeling that only press would use that format.

17. Edward Bray

He claims he has a film of the assassination taken from a window of the TSBD. See several documents on my website.


18. Ralph Simpson

Another Canadian, from British Columbia this time, called the DPD to let them know he has some films of the assassination. Sergeant Patrick Dean talked with him, and took him seriously enough to let know the Warren Commission about the call.

19. Cameramen mentioned by DPD Captain Sawyer to the Warren Commission

The first is a woman filming who took pictures of the sniper’s window and a man taking a film from the Del-Texas Building, East of the Depository.

Mr. BELIN. Is there anything else you can think of that occurred at the Texas School Book Depository that afternoon while you were there that might have any relevancy about where the shots came from, other than what you have told thus far?

Mr. SAWYER. Well, I had heard some of the officers come to me and said there was supposed to be, somebody told them about a woman that had taken some pictures of that window, and then one of the sergeants came to me, and I am not sure who the sergeant is now, but anyway he said that there was on the building immediately west east, I am sorry cast [sic – east], of the Texas School Book Depository, that a man up in one of the upper windows up there was taking some moving pictures of what had gone on.

20. Sally Holt (Dallas Morning News)

Information from Linda Zambanini

Sally Holt — full name, Sally “Moetts” Sedgwick Holt (b.1908, Minneapolis – d. 1980, Dallas) –

I ran across her obscure name and story in an old Weisberg document listing JFK assassination photographers and cameramen. The story goes…she was a DMN reporter and photographer and took ONE photo of JFK’s limo as it turned the corner onto Elm Street from Houston with the TSBD in the background. After hearing that the shots had come from the Depository she returned to the DMN where – and here, the story is very brief and vague – in the “haste” to develop her film, the photo (and perhaps other photos on the roll – no one investigated!) allegedly was destroyed by being accidentally exposed.

I’ve been unable to ascertain if she was riding in one of the press buses in the motorcade or standing on Houston St. as a spectator.

Now after tracking her down and researching her academic, journalistic background for the last 24 hours, I just don’t buy that she would have done that – even accidentally. She was an esteemed journalist and editor since her HS and college days at Los Angeles High School and UCLA, (where she graduated in ’31) and by ’63 she was 55 years old and very experienced. There’s more to her story, i’m guessing…

There is NOTHING about her connection to the DMN outside the Weisberg list except for a short paragraph in an article by Hugh Aynesworth (DMN) who wrote this about Holt and her photo in a November 1983 article in “D MAGAZINE”:

“…I also learned that during the procession of Kennedy’s motorcade, News employee Sally Holt had focused her camera at the back of the limousine, directly toward the TSBD at just about the time the car slowed to make the turn onto Elm. After it was determined that the shots had originated from the TSBD, she ran back to the News, where in her haste to unload the film, she exposed the roll. This might have been the only photograph taken that would have shown the assassin in the window; no other such photograph has ever surfaced.”

Again I’m highly skeptical that she would act in such haste and carelessness given her age, experience, character and importance she she would have placed upon this photo.

One of the first pages I came to for her was for the “Military Ball” where she was one of the honorees. There was a photo at the bottom of 5 the boys who organized the ball….One of them was “Ed Lansdale”. *THAT* ED LANSDALE??!! A quick google search on wiki told me it was true!:

“Lansdale was born in Detroit, Michigan on February 6, 1908.[1] He was the second of the four sons of Sarah Frances Philips of California and Henry Lansdale of Virginia. Lansdale attended school in Michigan, New York and California before attending UCLA where he earned his way largely by writing for newspapers and magazines. He moved on to better paying work in advertising in Los Angeles and San Francisco.”

NB: Like Sally Sedgwick [Holt] he was born in 1908 and graduated from UCLA in 1931 – both with an A.B. in English. Soon I had searched for and found a boatload of his and her graduation and fraternity photos. (I also came across her future husband, Larry Holt, who was on several committees with her). Lansdale was in Delta Rho Omega and “Scabbard & Blade” (a military fraternity) both as a member and as their President some years.

These were small groups so I soon familiarized myself with the names of his fraternity brothers. Well, it turns out Ms. Sedgwick was involved in, or chairwoman, of just about every committee for every ritzy ball & dance at UCLA – she was quite the society girl and social butterfly, and academically she was also at the top. She was one of a small group of 5 women chosen as members for “Agathai,” an honorary society for “prominent women” at UCLA, which later became a chapter in the National Mortar Board. It also turns out that on these small committees of 7-10 people, usually without exception, there were her future husband, Larry Holt, and several of Lansdale’s fraternity or military fraternity brothers! 6 degrees of separation? More like 1!

So, with her background of academic and journalistic excellence and her connections to all these military and future intelligence/CIA men, I don’t have proof but I’m guessing Sedgwick could have become a CIA asset in the press herself. Without ado…here are the photos I snagged and annotated.

Holt, Sally 2-Weisberg Archives

Weisberg Archives

Holt, Sally 1Holt, Sally 3

21. Henry Gonzales

Researcher inquired with Congressman Gonzales about photos he may have taken at Parkland. Gonzales informed Todd that he did take pictures in the hospital, but his cameras got stolen from his car before they got developed. 

Gonzales-photos-Vaughan   PDF icon

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