Unidentified Photographers, Cameramen and Media People in Dealey Plaza

UPDATE: August 27, 2019. See Number 12, 16 and 17.

1. Possibly Jim MacCammon

Photographer on the extreme left in the next 2 images. MacCammon took photos at the Texas Theater.

Photographer on left 2

WFAA/L’Hoste film

Photographer on left 1

Several cameramen around TSBD employees in police car

The photo below was taken by Skaggs on Houston a few feet from Main. The full photo is below. Did he take pictures from this location? In all the FBI reports I have seen about McCammon, I’ve never seen an indication of where he was during the shooting.

Unknown cameraman

Skaggs 5-Photographers identified

Same man?

The Story Behind The Story-231


McCammon in two images. He learned of the Tippit shooting when he was at the TSBD and went to Oak Cliff.


Z-McCammon, maybeMcCammon Texas Theater

Richard Sprague has this in his list about MacCammon’s photos. I’ve never seen them.

Sprague on films 2

He may have taken photos of this event. These possible photos have never been made public.

2. Looks amateur in Dealey Plaza (Unknown date)

TMF 40 Cooper-Cameraman

Cooper film

3. Reporter interviewing Charles Brehm. Is this ABC reporter Bill Lord?

Skaggs-Slide 5,3-Unknown reporter

Skaggs photo

Reporter with Brehm 1

DCA film

Allen-Brehm-POTP-Unknown reporter



4. Woman #1 in the Dorman film

Dorman-camerawoman 2

5. The Sandborn Sisters? Woman in the Dorman film (The lady in blue). Could she be one of the two sisters mentioned below? Thanks to Linda Zambanini for this identification attempt. 

The lady in blue in this frame of the Dorman film is probably Susanne Sandborn.

Camera woman running in Dorman film

The lady below is most likely Susanne’s sister Elinor Sandborn.

Case For Conspiracy-186-Unknown camerawoman


Camera woman in DCA 2


This is likely Elinor’s sister, Susanne Sanborn in the DCA film.


Credit: Linda Zambanini.

6. Woman in Altgens 6 

Looking in the direction of Lyndon Johnson. She is actually Anne Donaldson who is a well-known witness. As far as I know, she never mentioned any camera that she may have had.

Camera woman 1-1 and in Zapruder

The Zapruder image collage above, with the numbering of witnesses, is not mine. It was probably made by a member of the JFK Assassination Forum.


7. Man in yellow in a Skaggs photo

Some see a man with a camera to his face. 

Skaggs-Slide #4, Unknown photographerskaggstsbd


8. The Babushka Lady

Camera in Allen VS Sears Tower

Here seen in an Allen photo. Her identity is still unknown. She was using a box-style camera that took still pictures similar to the Sears Tower on the right.

Gary Mack told me about a woman who might have been the Babushka Lady:



As you requested, here’s some more of the story behind Jack Harrison, a retired Kodak executive who apparently talked to the real Babushka Lady. Harrison visited The Sixth Floor Museum several years ago and casually mentioned to one of the security people that he was working at Kodak when the Zapruder film was processed. He was among the large group of Kodak employees who watched it that afternoon and evening (there were two viewing sessions).

Security immediately phoned me, so Bob Porter and I convinced Jack to do an oral history. It was a hot day and he was dressed like a regular tourist, for this was his first visit back to Dallas in some 15 years. Excerpts of the interview appear in the MPI video “Image Of An Assassination.”

He remembered Zapruder and a man who shot many slides – presumably Phil Willis – and a brunette in her mid- to late-30’s. He spoke with her briefly, though she was very shaken by what had happened only a few feet in front of her.

From his description of the blurred image, she had to have been the BL, for there were no other cameras in that area not accounted for. He could see a very small stretch of grass and some people in the foreground. The limo was a few feet farther away. Directly beyond the car was part of the TSBD. There is no doubt in my mind that the view he described matched the location of the Babushka Lady in the Zapruder film.

As I related to the ARRB, the picture was too blurry to be of any use, and the agents who were there were very unhappy about that. As far as Jack knew, no one got or kept the woman’s name. I included Jack’s story in my Dallas Morning News review of Beverly Oliver’s book. Feel free to excerpt that part, if you’d like.

Jack Harrison’s experience tells me what probably happened to the real Babushka Lady, for I have yet to find independent evidence of someone else being that woman.

Partial confirmation of his story can be found in the Z film. Someone has blown up the frames in which the Babushka Lady appears. Close inspection shows that as JFK passes in front of the woman, her right hand moved upward to the camera. To me, that confirms the use of a still camera, not a movie camera. With the latter, one would have had both hands on it the whole time. That revealing movement shows that she raised her right hand, probably to snap the shutter after having wound the film for a second exposure.

Several years ago I diagrammed what would have been visible from her location. Between the back of Charles Brehm’s head, two motorcycle officers, helmets and motorcycle windshields, Jackie and then Jean Hill, her view of JFK would have been blocked most of the time. Perhaps she never took that second picture!

Gary Mack


9. Unknown couple

Pointed out to me by Steve Barber.

Unknown cameraman girlfriend-Bell film

Unknown cameraman in Cancellare 4 - Copy

Darnell/WBAP film

Unknown cameraman in Zapuder

Zapruder film

10. Man in the Cooper film. 

Cooper film, Maybe Weaver 1Cooper film, Maybe Weaver 3


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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Arjan Hut
    Aug 21, 2015 @ 09:02:54

    Many photographers could be people simply applauding with their hands held up?
    The boy who’s film was destroyed by a SS-agent is intriguing. That must have been very traumatic for that kid to have his footage destroyed by someone working for the government. I hope it’s not true!

    Also, Gary Mack, the way he describes how Babushka may have never taken that second picture, makes me think of how he describes, in that fraudulent tv-special, Kennedy couldn’t have been shot at from the front because Jackie would have been in the line of fire. It’s that ‘move on, nothing to see here’-logic that makes my alarm bells go off. Babushka can be seen in Skaggs taking a picture in the direction of the TSBD, she could take, what, 6 to 8 pictures on one roll.

    Liked by 1 person


  2. Wynne Johnson
    Dec 23, 2019 @ 23:22:28

    December 23, 2019. Concerning section 5 above, I wrote to Elinor Sandborn (apparent maiden name), who I think is now about 83 years old. I simply wanted to encourage her to tell her true story if the information above is correct, as I have told mine. (See “September 7th, 1963” Parts 1, 2, 3 on Vimeo.com.) If the information above in your section 5 is correct, then I thought that she could safely do so after these 56 years since 1963. But I finally got a text message today from somebody identifying himself as her son, who said that I had the wrong person. You should review and verify the input for that section 5. Make sure that you have the right woman. In the meantime, you should delete section 5 or adequately annotate it. You can text me at (928) 261 – 0280 or use my e-mail address given below. Or write by USPS. My home address is 6580 East 32nd Street #101, Yuma, Arizona 85365.



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